I’m not sure if there is a point in reviewing Cache because I don’t think many people could sit through a very slow, fairly long, foreign film with subtitles. I could be wrong though, so I’ll share what little I even comprehend after seeing this.

The Basics: A family starts getting videotapes that show someone filming their flat. The tapes come along with a picture drawn like a child of blood coming out of someone’s mouth. As the film goes on the paranoia of the father increases as the tapes lead him to parts of his childhood he had tried to forget.

The Good: It keeps your attention, even at the very slow/quiet shots of just video of their flat. As the film went on I was more and more curious about where this was going. Who was sending them these tapes? What wasn’t the father telling us? What the fuck is really going on here? I was annoyed and frustrated at times but I desperately wanted to know what was going on.

The Bad: I should have known that with the director Michael Haneke, who also did Funny Games, that he was going to mind fuck me and mind fuck me good. Not everything in it is obvious and you have to pay really close attention, many have watched this several times afterward to try to figure this out. It’s frustrating how slow and drawn out some scenes are and how little any of it makes sense. I will admit I came to realize I missed a huge part of the end scene but now that I realize what the end scene was I’m still just as confused.

If you like mind fuck movies, watch any of Michael Haneke’s films but particularly this one. At least with Funny Games I was left with some answers as to what I just watched. It sounds like I hated this film but I didn’t, I really liked it, I just get frustrated when I’m left guessing, which is what I believe was the intention.

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