Regressing via Degrassi


I think when I’m really stressed and desperately want relief from adulthood I tend to look for teenage tv shows to watch. For me, I think that is how I escape sometimes because I can pretend like my biggest problems are breaking out and the cute guy I like not liking me.

That’s my explanation from why I’ve been watching Degrassing Junior High lately and it’s the only way this makes sense. Feeling the need to watch a cheesy, badly made show from the eighties with valuable lessons to be learned every episode such as teen pregnancy, the “kissing disease” and that dressing slutty doesn’t necessarily get you the guy you want. This is a show that instead of calling someone a “dumbass” they call them a “broomhead.” Canadians, I love em but they’re a bit weird.

What can I say? It’s better than thinking about my husband’s lyme disease or our mortgage company who are a bunch of asshats or my job that is driving me to my early demise. Something about it brings me back to my youth and in my head it feels peaceful even though I know if I did go back to being 13 years old there would be nothing peaceful about it.

I’m not proud of it but I suppose this what extreme stress does to a person. It makes you a bit of a broomhead.

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