Fuck Yeah Kevin Spacey


So back when tumblr was still very new I decided one day there needed to be a tumblr just for Kevin Spacey. So at that point I started Fuck Yeah Kevin Spacey, I didn’t think much of it except I could post all about Kevin there without annoying my non-Kevin-obsessed friends. I honestly didn’t think it would make much of an impression because let’s face it, most of Tumblr is teenagers who tend to care about Justin Timberlake and Hannah Montana.

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That is more than my daily tumblr or this blog for that matter.

To my surprise it took off pretty quickly, people starting to follow it right off the bat. Of all my Tumblrs, and I have a few I must admit because they addictive like tattoos, this one has gotten the most attention. There are a lot more die-hard Spacey fans than I ever imagined. For as long as I can remember my friends have made fun of me for my love of Kevin and the fact that I call him Kevin. I’ve been asked many times why I love him and there are so many reasons it’s kind of pointless to even get into it.

It’s probably not entirely surprising that Gwen helps me manage it because we initially bonded several years ago over our love for Kevin. Someday we plan to move to London and follow him around (stalking sounds so evil) as a hobby. Hell, she even came out to visit me, 2,000 miles away, so we could watch him in a movie he didn’t even have a lead role in.

So basically I just wanted to say “I rule!”

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  1. Chibi Jeebs

    July 12, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Woot! Go, you! 😀

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