This little guy has found a home and it’s in the tree right by our house. I figure it must be a good spot for him because he can watch what is going on and know just when he can come ravage through our garbage cans. These guys are so sneaky and kind of badass. I’ve seen them come out in the daylight and they don’t give a shit if we’re around. Manly Man once put the trash bag on the roof of the shed and we could hear out our bedroom window the little fella scurrying up the side of the shed. These guys are frustrating but they impress me also. Maybe they should work for the Feds or something.

He/she needs a name. Any suggestions?

One Thought on “Our New Neighbor

  1. Those buggers are fearless! We had some that  elected to live in our roof in 2004. I took pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikelesombre/sets/72157627138054746/ 


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