Sugar Rush


I’ve decided to do more Anglophile reviews as that is what is mostly happening in my life right now. I have a lot of good stuff to share and I think I’m sort of an expert now.

The Basics: Sugar Rush is about a 15 year-old girl, Kim(played by Olivia Hallinan), who has an intense crush on her best friend Sugar (real name is Maria Sweet, played by Lenora Crichlow who is also in Being Human). They live in Brighton England (where I desperately want to visit now because of the pier), which has a lot of character to say the least. Kim’s family are a bunch of characters as well with the mother sleeping around, the father being clueless and the son who is “confused” to say the least.

The Good: There is no show that is so honest and funny as well. You really grow to love the characters, even Sugar who is a bit of a chav grows on you. Kim is by far the best thing about the show. I love how she starts off a bit plain and grows up right before your eyes. I don’t know if it was intentional or if the actor herself was coming into her own. Also the show is blessed with a young Andrew Garfield, who my husband refuses to believe is going to be the next Spiderman.

The Bad: It can be a bit over-the-top with the sexual situations such as swinging and sex shops but that is also part of it’s charm. Also, the show was also cancelled after the 2nd season. The season 2 finale left the viewers on a bit of a cliff hanger.

I definitely recommend, if not just for her:



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