Where My Bliss Resides


Here is a list of the little things that bring me bliss, in case you were ever wondering.

1. Cuddling with one of my furkids, 99.9% of the time it’s Pilot.

2. The perfectly made iced latte.

3. A quote that says exactly what you are feeling at that very moment.

4. Finding a pair of jeans that seem to have been made just for you (this hasn’t happened in years).

5. Rollercoasters (I haven’t been on one in years since Manly Man hates them).

6. Watching the sun rise (I’ve done this a few times but not yet with Manly Man, I plan to).

7. Just sitting by the lake and watching the water sway.

8. A shot that in that moment you swear nobody else has ever been able to capture.

9. The whole house being clean, even if just for a day.

10. Someone noticing you changed your hair or lost some weight.

11. Listening to a cd of my favorite songs.

12. A picnic.

13. A really good hug.

14. Finding a new hobby that really wakes you up and makes you smile, like Postcrossing.

15. Recommending a band, show, book or movie to a friend and finding out they loved it.

16. An outdoor shower (I desperately want one in the worst way).

17. A ferry ride.

18. Fried dough.

19. Lotion with the perfect scent.

20. Jeans fitting a little looser.

21. A good cry and feeling better afterward.

22. A friend knowing when you need some attention and being there without being asked.

23. A new Kevin Spacey movie.

24. Hearing the theme song for Skins or Misfits.

25. Suddenly hearing your “favorite song!”

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