5 Pet Peeves

#7: 5 pet peeves

I’ve listed so many pet peeves I could probably have an entire blog on pet peeves. I have an extraordinary amount of them and every day I seem to find a new one. So here, as best as I can, are my top 5 pet peeves of ALL TIME.

5. Complaining about Facebook changing – it’s a free social network and these things will always change a little over time. I’m certain you will get used to it and forget how it used to be. This world can be shitty enough so often, must we bitch about such inconsequential things?

4. Cell phones – I hate it with a passion how people are attached to their cell phones. I love my cell phone but I don’t live on it 24/7. When you are in line at a store, put down your fucking cell phone. When you made time to spend with someone avoid answering every single call or text, it’s rude. Wait until you’ve pulled out of a parking spot before you make that call, you look like a knob.

3. Making excuses – it seems like everyone has an excuse these days and it’s so fucking irritating. Just be an adult and own up to shit.

2. Switching lanes – People that speed up and cut in front of the next car and do it again in the next lane just to get a few cars ahead. Chill the fuck out dude, traffic blows but it blows a lot worse if you act like a douche. Get an audiobook and relax, we’ll all get home soon enough.

1. Passive Aggressive Behavior – “Some people need to get their heads out of their asses” and before you point it out, I do it all the time and it irritates me. I want to stop it but usually it comes from others being passive aggressive, it’s an ugly cycle.


  1. Chibi Jeebs

    June 9, 2011 at 4:37 am

    #4: I realized that I was so ridiculously attached to my (poor man’s iPhone, the:) iPod when I missed half of what C was saying because I was busy tweeting/Instagramming/Angry Birding.  I was disgusted enough that I do my best to make a concerted effort to put the bloody thing down when I’m having a conversation with someone (how freaking RUDE is that?!? it’s not like I’m some world-renowned, high-risk obstetrician waiting for someone to go into labour, for crying out loud! D: ).

    1. Robin

      June 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      My friends are always shocked that when someone calls me I don’t answer, I figure if it’s an emergency they’ll let me know. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t feel the same.

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