Everybody’s Changing

The song by Keane says it so well.

But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

I mentioned on Twitter recently that my parent’s house is up for sale. This is the house I lived in from age 11 until I moved out officially at 24. This is the house I consider to be the house I grew up in. So much of my life happened here and even though I knew this was coming I didn’t realize how sad it would make me.


Here was my bedroom when I was in high school and made out with boyfriends in for hours.


The family room where I had so many of my parties, a few of them when my parents weren’t home.


Where the pool used to be, I wish I’d enjoyed the pool more before they got rid of it last year. I did get a chance to appreciate skinny dipping in it once…


The kitchen where I got a late night snack sometimes and where also some “Sex on the Beach” drinks were made during a party and one sad batch of pot brownies.


The living room where I oftened watched General Hospital after work and took the occasional nap.


The jacuzzi, so many stories can be told about this. There is one story in particular I’d like to forget but cannot.


I’m going to make a point to spend some time there this summer as I don’t go there much anymore. I knew my parents wouldn’t keep this house forever and it’s time to say goodbye but it’s still hard.

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