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4 Thoughts on “To An Ex

  1. I used to have bad things to say to exes, too. But maturity and happiness with the man I married have gotten rid of the desire to get back at those who hurt me in the past. So now, I honestly just want to tell them that I hope they are as happy as I am.

    Bu I still like listening to Alanis’ songs that were full of angst. I like Alanis.

    • I genuinely hope all my ex’s are happy and I think most of them feel the same for me. I still love angst songs as well, I will forever sing You Outta Know with the pure bitterness of a woman scorned, it’s the only way to sing it.

  2. There’s only one sort-of-ex-who-never-really-was-current I’d have anything to say to: our friendship ended badly and I miss him.

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