Still Breathing


  • This week has been tough. Work has been busy and I have some photog work to keep me busy all the rest of the time. I like being busy but I tend to get a little anxiety ridden from it sometimes. It’s all good, nobody has been killed yet.
  • My tv viewing has slowed down a bit with all the shows coming to their season finale. I need to just hold on until Breaking Bad comes back in July. How did I ever make it through the summer before?
  • I’m not all that excited about True Blood coming back. It’s gotten so over-the-top and that’s saying a lot for a show about vampires in Louisianna.
  • My no carbs thing this past week is going surprisingly well. Have I done it perfectly? No. But I’ve done it far better than I thought I would. I can say I’ve been on it 95%.
  • I got into this Postcrossing thing online and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I’ve sent out a few postcards, one has been received and I should get my first one back any day now.
  • Despite the stress as of late I feel in a really good place right now. I’m really focused and inspired. I love the spring, I feel like I’m waking up out of a bad dream.
  • Oh and today is Iwan’s birthday, he’s 26. I would still happily fondle him.

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