3. A book that you love.


This doesn’t say your favorite book of all time so I’m just going to pick a book that I happen to love. In fact, I’m going to pick the book I am reading right now called One Day. I’m not even done with it and I want to read it again. It’s such a sweet but very real book. I like my books as I like a my tv shows and movies, based in reality. It’s about 2 people who have a connection and seem to have strong romantic feelings for each other but keep ending up in different places in their lives. I love this book because I feel like I know the characters and despite their annoyances at time I want them to find happiness. This book is also coming out as a movie in July.

  • Grant

    But does it have hot Japanese women like Shogun?

  • Anonymous

    Never read this one. Might have to pick it up.

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