The World of Photography


It’s intimidating and I swear if you don’t feel completely overwhelmed by it at least a few times a week then you are utterly nuts. Here is what I consider to be the process of becoming a professional photographer, as in one who gets paid.

  1. You pick up your camera and take a picture. Gee, that was fun.
  2. Someone tells you the picture was really good.
  3. A bunch more people tell you that you have an eye for it, you decide to learn more.
  4. You release that with all the talent you may or may not have you can’t survive on a point-and-shoot.
  5. You get the DSLR camera and wow, that’s so much different and you also realize you have so much more to learn.
  6. You come to realize you can’t survive with just this kit lens, you need to get another lens.
  7. Holy fuck lenses are expensive!
  8. You decide you need more for your portfolio so you ask some friends if you can take their pictures.
  9. It takes you forever to edit the pictures, mostly because you had no idea what you were doing when you took the pictures. It’s a good thing you didn’t get paid.
  10. You feel you are better so you get another lens and get a paying gig.
  11. You rock it but editing takes up all your free time and now you see why photographers get paid so much.
  12. You do another session but this time you fuck it up, you reshoot it.
  13. You do a wedding for nothing and fuckballs, that was the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Note to self: must be mentally ill to shoot weddings.
  14. You make friends with photogs, some talk down to you and some are an angel sent down from the heavens to better explain manual mode. The more friends you make the better you get and the more confident you feel.
  15. You realize that now you are somewhere in the middle of amateurs and professionals.
  16. Despite what they say, sometimes you really do need better equipment…not to be a better photographer but just to have more control over your result.
  17. You realize all the marketing that other photogs do requires money and you have none. Most successful photographers have a husband who makes a ton of money or they are independently wealthy.
  18. You spend your days either inspired or paniced. You just keep shooting, keep learning and absorb as much as you possibly can.


  1. Miss Britt

    April 12, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    I know a few photographers online who have recently made the switch to going pro. I don’t know if you already know them too, but I’d love to introduce them if you don’t. Make you could share some marketing ideas? Let me know how you feel about that!

    1. Robin

      April 12, 2011 at 3:22 pm

      Sure, I’m always up for meeting new people, you never know what you could learn from them.

  2. Grant

    April 12, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    “Just keep shooting” is good advice for every situation.

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