In My Cyber World


I try to save the more poignant and long winded things for my blog but I have a lot going on outside of this blog you know.

Tumblr – where my little nuggets of nonesense go. You can comment on the post too, really. I even have one dedicated to Skins/Misfits, I know, it’s shocking.

Pinterest – where I collect other people’s ideas for my own use. I even started a board to show all my favorite shows, in case you ever need ideas of waht to watch. I’m getting into DIY now since I’m trying to save money. Of course there is a food board, which we’ve started cooking some of these things and my Anglophile board. Can’t forget my want board, of all the things I want.

I’m sort of into Gomiso but most of the time it seems pointless to point out just how much tv I actually watch. Although once you start putting them in you feel compelled to continue it.

I’ve found some great sites that have been helping me through a tough time. It’s hard enough when financially you feel like you have no control but people in general just seem so angry and bitter. I found this great site Operation NICE and maybe if I am a little extra nice (cause you know how damn sweet I am normally) that it will help. Also Tiny Buddha, who I’ve been following on twitter for a while but have recently been reading the blog more, it really puts things into perspective. It’s so easy to blame everyone else and to just be angry about everything but what is really tough is to see the world outside of yourself.

Flickr – can’t forget about my original time waste/inspiration.

And there you go, don’t even try to tell me you’re bored now.

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  1. Grant

    March 31, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    No pictures of hot Asian women. I’m bored.

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