Mad Mad World

The truth about me is I can’t not be me. When I’m on Facebook or Twitter or whatever else it is I can’t help but be myself. I’m strong, witty, jealous, and at times pessimistic. Sometimes when I have a bad day and things are really fucking scary I’ll hint to that on Facebook. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood and hate everyone I’ll say so on Twitter. I can’t imagine holding these things back only to share the positive or mundane things for the interweb, how boring that is.

I think some people can’t handle people being their real selves because they are afraid to put that out there. I don’t mean every little piece of our life for the world to consume, but the real parts that aren’t always pretty.

Oh no, your marriage isn’t perfect!

Oh shit, you mean to tell me you hate your job?

I’m shocked, your life didn’t turn out the way you planned…

It’s hard to really trust people who fill the world around them only with what they think everyone wants to see. These people are just mirages, you never really know them. These people are the ones who go behind your back and talk shit out you and need to bring you down to lift themselves up. These people are more miserable than the ones who admit their hardships, these people are not only miserable but afraid to admit to their problems.

Despite all we’ve been through over time including the long divorce, it’s made us so much of a stronger couple. We’ve learned to live with so much less, hell we have been with DVR for like 2 years now. We’ve come to love our small house because it brings us closer. We’ve learned how to take the shit that comes at us as a potential good thing in the future. Hell, the divorce that was one of the hardest things I’ve been through gave us so much more in our lives.

Yeah, we may lose what we have, we’re all in danger of that. We keep telling ourselves that maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe we have a new chapter in our lives. Maybe it’s a chance to move somewhere else or just take a new journey. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be smiles and bubbles the entire way but in the end, we’ll be better people for it. I believe that, the rest is just in the past.

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  1. Chibi Jeebs

    March 28, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Love this post. I’ve been chewing on the whole concept of being *cough*Dr. Phil*cough* unapologetically ME. I don’t think I’m… phony, per se, but I explain myself and apologize for what I think/feel too much.

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