Mixed Emotions For Big Love


I’m always sad to see a show I love so much say goodbye, it geneuinely breaks my heart a little. As the screen faded to black and the credits started rolling I was in tears sad because I was never going to see these 3 women together in the end. After I calmed down I realized I had a lot of mixed feelings about the show Big Love in the end.

  • I felt the ending worked and I know a lot of people didn’t but to me it had been building to Bill’s death from the beginning of this season and I had always felt that it was the only way to end. I like how it left Barb, Nicki and Margene together in the end, still close like sisters.
  • Everything with Nicki’s daughter just fell flat for me and I don’t exactly know how to pinpoint it. Did Nicki see her old self/old life in her daughter and detest her for it? Did she not know how to love her properly having been away from her for so many years and her being a part of her past? Was Nicki just never a good mother?
  • I was a bit disappointed but also a little pleased she didn’t go through with the Baptism. I was disappointed because this seemed like a journey she needd to take and gave up on it but pleased because I didn’t want her to leave the family.
  • I loved the car ride with the sister wives, it was touching and was that a brief smile coming from Nicki?
  • Things left unresolved for me were Rhonda, Joey and Ana (with Bill’s baby)? Also, what was Bill writing in the last scene? I was hoping one of the wives would read it at his funeral or something.
  • I felt sometimes like the show kept biting off more than it could chew. I think they should have focused more on the family and less on all the big characters they kept bringing in with the big plotlines.
  • Lastly I was bothered that Margene decided to go on this mission or whatever for months at a time after Bill’s death. Did she really leave her young children to be taken care of by Barb and Nicki? That makes no sense to me, why could Margene have gone off to college? I guess they wanted someone to be leaving at the end, I think it should have been Barb, she needed to get away after all she’d been through over the years and her kids all grown up.

All in all, I went in to watch the show at the beginning out of curiosity. I love taking on a show that seems completely foreign to me like Big Love or Breaking Bad. I think to myself: how can I ever like these characters? But a good writer can make you love any character and I did. I loved all the wives and I even loved Bill to an extent. A lot of people never liked him but what I liked about him was how much he loved his wives and was willing to go to such lengths for them. Yeah, his idea of plural marriage was not entirely virtuous in my opinion but a great family came out of it and that was beautiful to me.

I like to believe that somewhere Barb has taken a vacation on her own to go to France or something, see a little of the world. Nicki is still Nicki but is coming to appreciate motherhood more than before and reaching out to make friends. Margene, even though she went on that cruise I choose to believe she changed her mind and went to college for a degree, maybe in business/marketing. After it all though, they are still family and that will never change.

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