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11 Thoughts on “Hypothyroidism

  1. I am sorry. runs in my family too. my mom is hypo and my dad is hyper, double whammy!

  2. Alissa on March 16, 2011 at 1:19 pm said:

    Hum…sounds like a pretty intense problem and very difficult to manage the symptoms. I’m beginning to wonder if I have that because I have like 10 of those symptoms of bullets.

  3. i hope you get feeling better robin!!

  4. Amy had that, but she took Synthroid and that abated a lot of the effects. Get yourself a good endocrinologist. You’ll be awesome! I”m glad you shared this.

  5. I think I counted twelve symptoms that I have. I was tested once years ago, but it came back negative, and my doctor now doesn’t think I have *anything* unless I push to be tested for stuff (see: IBS).

    You can do this, love. <3

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