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2 Thoughts on “The Best Me

  1. I feel you. I get that way about photography. A lot of my friends are running small photo businesses and I get jealous. Then I say things like, “I could do that better.” Then I make excuses that I don’t have the right camera and lenses and if I did, I could do it too. I compare myself to people I think that are better than me all the time and it just makes me feel down. I’ve been in a funk lately and it’s not helping me.

    Friends are hard to be honest with. I think you’re like me. You’re a very nice person and I think you’re very considerate to other people’s feeling. So, in a way, you’re a people pleaser like me. It’s hard to understand why people do things that are so inconsiderate and why friends do certain things. I’m afraid if I speak the truth, I’ll hurt their feelings, so I just don’t go there.

  2. Anonymous on March 1, 2011 at 2:59 pm said:

    Knowing that there’s a problem is a good start

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