My birthday, in 9 days. Do I deserve anything? Well that’s for you to decide but either way these are the things I want.


Then there is also my Amazon Wish List here

I won’t even bother sharing my b&hphoto wishlist because that is just intense with camera bodies and lenses galore, all stuff I dream of but will need to find a rich lovah to be able to ever get.

7 Thoughts on “It’s Coming!

  1. Bluepaintred on February 10, 2011 at 3:01 pm said:

    when i click to embiggen so i can read it, it tells me the link is broken 🙁

  2. I already have to celebrate too many birthdays in February as it is, what with my friends Lincoln and Washington. Plus I’m still recovering from the madness of Groundhog Day. Can we bump your day to March? It would better fit my schedule.

  3. How old are you going to be? 31?

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