Karl Pilkington "An Idiot Abroad"

This post has been brought to you by Fuck It.

  • If I could recommend anything to you in regards to your online social life do NOT include family/friends in it unless it’s Facebook and even then, maybe not.
  • I’ve been amused by a few new British shows and if you care, let me know, if not, whatever.
  • My back still hurts but I’m holding out a few more days before I whine to my doctor again. When I sit it feels like a rusty nail is being jampped up my back. It’s fun, really.
  • I’ve watched this scene over so many times, it amuses me so much.
  • I am tempted to be a bitch for many reasons but I am trying not to be because I am hurt and it’s ok to be hurt. I don’t have to pretend like I am not.
  • I now have a superhero identity and she goes by Tiny Fists of Fury because I have tiny fists and they come with fury. I figure I’d look like a nerdy superhero with braids, glasses, freckles, tall chunky leather boots and a school girl-ish outfit. Yeah.
  • The thing that kind of sucks about blogging vs. tumblr is that it doesn’t normally come with gifs.
  • The photography world of mine is in a beautiful place but sometimes I get nervous about it. The good part is I have upcoming work and that a bunch of it I got all on my own. Also, I’ve made great friends and have more meetings with photogs in the future.
  • How do so many people in this country have absolutely no sense of humor? It truly astonashes me. I love when people mock me because it gives me a chance to mock them right back.

4 Thoughts on “Blah Blah Fuckery

  1. Excellent, especially the gif at the end. *evil grin*

  2. Wait until being sick and in pain is your new norm. Then you will feel like being a bitch all the time. And people will tire of making an allowance for you very fast.

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