Skins vs. America


I’m a big fan of Skins (when I say Skins I mean the UK version) to the point I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 more times that I should probably tell anyone. I have watched the 2nd generation as well and am looking forward to the 3rd and final generation. With that being said I am not a fan of Skins USA (I never refer to it as just Skins because it isn’t) and I also said from the moment I heard about the remake that America would freak the fuck out.

Should I do the “I told you so” dance now?

Yes, as a culture we are very saturated with sex but in our society while there are people that want the sex or are comfortable with it and there are people who feel quite the opposite. There is a growing part of our society *cough*conservatives*cough* who are terrified of anything sex and want to shield their children from the concept of a teenager’s sexuality. I knew they’d come out in spades when this show aired, which btw is a watered down version of the original.

So now a bunch of Americans are upset because Skins USA is the most dangerous thing for kids. They are upset because these teenagers are horny, do drugs, drink and screw up a lot. They are particularly focusing on an episode (hasn’t aired yet in the US but it’s a remake of an episode from the UK version) where the character Chris has some nudity. Mind you, this is a character who’s life is falling apart, he loves popping pills and his favorite phrase is “fuck it.” In the scene they are upset about he gets kicked out of his house totally naked and decides to just walk down the street naked. All you see is his butt and the American Chris is only 17, so yeah, they are chanting “child pornography!”

In one sense this uproar is giving the Skins USA that much more publicity but sometimes this kind of publicity can go too far and it stops being about the show and becomes more about a battle of will. If you are hoping that these groups will give up you clearly haven’t heard of the Westboro Baptist Church, things have changed and the prudes are coming out of the woodwork.

Instead of getting all worked up about a show having teenagers having sex and doing drugs I have a crazy though: watch the show with your kids and talk about it afterward. The world of a teenager is not what it was when I was one (only like 15 years ago) and no matter where you go to school there is more sex and drugs than ever. A tv show is not going to corrupt your child but the world very well might.

What’s so funny to me about everyone in a tizzy about what these characters are doing in this sex infused show is that, they haven’t even met the 2nd generation’s James Cook. I think he may cause all of American society to implode.


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  1. Anonymous

    January 24, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    I think it’s funny all the sponsors are pulling out

    1. Skankers

      April 7, 2011 at 2:33 am

      that’s what she said!

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