No More

Absolutely no more free photo sessions. I’ve only done them if it was a subject I haven’t done yet and want to add it to my portfolio. I don’t charge for engagement shoots because it goes along with the wedding package. I never imagined people wouldn’t want to buy any pictures from their engagement shoot, not one. All that fucking effort for nothing. I don’t know how much money I spent on purchasing prints from my engagement shoot.

Fuck, it’s not like I charge much. I do this session, I get a lot of wonderful feedback and she said how she wants to use one of the shots for her holiday card. Nothing. I do this maternity shoot for experience and think, wow, I did some of my best work and then she only wants to spend $20 on a session she got for free (normally would have been $150)? I can’t afford to do this business if nobody wants to pay for anything. I’m clearly being too nice. I’m done with that though.

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