A Serious Addiction

I’m not addicted to any drugs and while I’m sort of addicted to coffee I wouldn’t cry if I couldn’t have it. I would however cry if I had to lose any of my UK shows. I thought I would share with you now all of them that I am nutty over.

It first started with Secret Diary of a Call Girl, probably a about 18 months ago. It’s not a show that drives me nuts or anything but it’s fun to watch, kind of like Sex and the City.


After that it was Skins and we all know how crazy I went over that.


Then came Misfits, just when I thought I couldn’t love another UK show like Skins I found this show. I love them both intensely in very different ways.


Then I figured, why not try The Inbetweeners? Ok, so there is a horrifying vomit scene I was afraid of (rightly so I might add) but I watched the entire first season yesterday so I totally loved it. I loved it despite them showing the fucking vomit scene before every fucking episode. Seriously?


And there you have it. Luckily more shows keep being made so I don’t have to experience withdrawel symptoms yet. What is this American television you speak of?

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  1. Anonymous

    December 13, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Wait, they make tv in America?

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