I’ve always been a crybaby. When I was a kid I would cry if someone didn’t like my hair. I’m a little tougher now and I can handle a lot more that people throw at me. At the same time, the littlest and most random things are making me bawl like a baby. It’s not always things you would expect. Here are some things that get the waterworks going:

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Everytime this comes on the radio, which is pretty often, it’s uncontrollable. This sucks because I love this song.

This video is the end of Six Feet Under and everytime I watch it I cry so hard that I can barely breath. I was once explaining to someone how much I love the end of this show and started to cry, right there in public.

Oh Father – Madonna

I heard this song one day in college when I was dealing with my grandmother who was saying horrible things about her own son. When this song came on I started to cry and to this day these specific lines get me all choked up.

Maybe someday
When I look back I’ll be able to say
You didn’t mean to be cruel
Somebody hurt you too

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t know what it is but everything I watch makes me cry. Hell, I’ve teared up twice watching Glee already. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or a hormonal imbalance, I tend to think it’s more the latter. Either way it sucks having so little control over your emotions.

10 Thoughts on “Everything That Makes Me Cry

  1. Anonymous on December 8, 2010 at 4:34 pm said:

    I cried the first time at the SFU finale, but I’m good now. I rarely cry at something twice.

  2. I haven’t seen any of Six Feet Under, but I’ve seen that video before and it’s sad and completely awesome.

    I own the entire series on DVD – I should watch is sometime.

  3. Dude, I cried thru the entire final season of SFU and the final episode… Sweet Kevin… (Little known fact: I’m a movie crier. I inherited it from my mother.)

  4. Oh and there’s nothing wrong with you. I’ve only watched the M*A*S*H* finale three times because I cry so hard I give myself a headache. (same with What Dreams May Come.)

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