The First Time

I remember the first time I felt really strongly about equality for the gay community. It was probably around 2000 when I saw the movie If These Walls Could Talk 2 on HBO. I’ll be honest, at that point I had no real opinion on anything except that as humans we shouldn’t judged unfairly just because of who we are. At that point in my life I didn’t know much about homosexuality and definitely had not met any (that I knew of).

There were 3 parts to this movie but the one that go to me the most was the 2 older women lesbians (Edith and Abby) in 1961 who had lived together for years. They lived in their own house and since they kept their relationship hidden from society it was just assumed they were spinsters who couldn’t find a man.

Sadly Abby falls off a ladder and is brought to the hospital. Edith tries to go into the room to see her but because she is not family they don’t allow her in. Abby dies and Edith is left to pick up the peaces alone.

Abby’s remaining family shows up to take all of her things and sell their house, since it was in Abby’s name. Edith tries to speak up because this is her house and her things were really their things but she can’t come out and tell the truth. She tries to explain that this is her home and she has nowhere else to live. Either Abby’s family doesn’t understand or doesn’t care or maybe both.

This story is one I never forgot. That’s when I realized how important the legality of marriage can be because no matter what you call it, marriage or civil unions, we all deserve the same rights. We all deserve to have who we love be accepted like any other relationship.

Watching that was the reason I got married, it didn’t change our relationship but I wanted to make sure we were never denied anything just because we didn’t have that piece of paper.

This is the only youtube I could find on this part of the movie, the other 2 parts with Chloe Sevigny and Ellen Degeneres are a little more popular for obvious reasons.

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