I saw the movie Catfish last Friday. In fact I took a bus to Harvard Square after work just to see it and if you knew my usual commute you’d know why that is impressive. I was worried the film was all hype but the film nerd in me had to see this before others ruined it for me and let’s face it, the internet wants to ruin everything.

The Basics: This guy falls for a girl online, his brother and friend who are filmakers decide to shoot it. Things…develop.

The Good: The story seems pretty basic, you’d think it would get boring but it doesn’t, it has a good flow. The main character Nev is what really keeps the story going, he’s very engaging. I was nearly on the verge of a panic attack at one point, my fingers went numb and my heart was racing so fast. I do get really emotionally involved in movies though, so this may not be the result for everyone. Either way the story really makes you think and nearly a week later I’m still thinking about it.

The Bad: The camera is shaky but that’s to be expected, it didn’t really bother me all that much. The thing that bothered me the most was Nev’s hairy chest, it looked like a sweater but other than that he’s adorable.

ps. Don’t be a dipshit, see this movie before you read up on it or watch the 20/20 special. There are only so many moments in life where you get to really go for a ride, enjoy it. If you do go and read up on it or watch the 20/20 special don’t complain that it’s ruined for you. (that’s what you get for reading what people are saying about it on twitter)

Rating: ★★★★☆

3 Thoughts on “Going Fishing

  1. I like a guy with a good amount of hair on his chest, that just made him even more attractive

  2. It was a great documentary. And there’s nothing wrong with hairy chests!

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