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12 Thoughts on “What I am Really Thinking

  1. I’m sure she’ll love the pictures you got. Every photo will take her back to a happy moment.

    Hooray for the great learning experience.

  2. Way to dive in babe!! She will love them…and 1000’s of pictures never made sense anyway. 🙂

  3. From what I saw, I think they’ll be just fine. It’s easy to doubt yourself because I think when you’re a photog, you see all the little errors with each picture that the average joe wouldn’t. So it’s easy for us to rip apart our own work.

    I’m so glad that you learned a whole lot with this experience. I don’t know if I’d ever what to shoot a wedding without a 2nd shooter, but I’m a nervous nelly. I know plenty of photogs who go at it alone though and do just fine.

    • @Alissa: Well I do know for a fact I screwed up something with my camera (that I’ve done several times before) but I’m hoping I can make due with the good shots I did get.

  4. Everyone has to start somewhere! I’m sure things went better than what you think. We’re our own worse enemies most of the time.

    Seriously, just from the few I saw, your pictures are better than the one’s my sister paid for from a pro. You didn’t hear that from me 😉 lol

  5. I would be feeling just like you. I’m sure you were fine. Is the picture above from the wedding? ‘Cuz that’s a really cool shot. Plus, she will have the added emotional attachment to the photos knowing that you took them for her.

  6. Make your own diffuser on the cheap with a sheet of white paper taped around the flash. I improvised for a while with some Scotch tape – a few layers (as long it wasn’t the stuff that’s perfectly clear) was just enough to diffuse things a bit.

    Also, kudos to you for even attempting a wedding. I’ll stick to shooting things that don’t move.

  7. I’m sure they will love all of the photos and you’re just being too hard on yourself. I always second guess myself after an event and say things like “I should have done this instead,” “I wish I had them stand this way instead” or “I should have gotten that shot” but in the end the couple will have happy memories of the day and your pictures will prove it.

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