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6 Thoughts on “When Your Parents Don’t Know Better

  1. I think we’re all embarrassed by the things our parents do. My dad is the worst eater I’ve ever seen- He salts everything with a LOT of salt. And I mean everything (salad, pizza, etc). He also does not close his mouth at all when he chews and makes the most horrible noises.

  2. I’m okay with my parents. But, my hubby’s parents…he can’t stand them. They have this posted in their house with John Wayne infront of an American Flag that says, “Now why the hell do I need to press 1 for English?” and they are very conservative and very backwoods. Somehow hubby ended up the complete opposite of this thankfully. They are loud and they click their fingers at waitresses and tip only 10% even if the service was exemplary. Embarrassing.

  3. Welcome to normal. I’m not sure how my mom managed to make it to her almost 66 years. And graduate from a very respected college with a pretty impressive degree. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out when she talks.

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