5 Changes

“Five things you want to see change” (in no particular order)

1. For your sexuality not to change the way you are treated in society and for people to realize that love is love. This goes so far beyond legalizing marriage because let’s face it, marriage isn’t taken all that seriously in this country and in the end doesn’t mean that much. I just care that 2 people are allowed to love each other without judgment and are given the same rights as everyone else, whatever that may be.

2. I’d get rid of organized religion. That’s not to say people couldn’t pray or read the bible or any of that stuff but they’d have to take the organized group aspect out of it. I think the big groups is where the concept of religion gets so messed up. Want to pray together? Get a small group of people together in your house, no need for a church or priests. Keep it simple.

3. I’d have people work less and live more. I’d make 4 day work weeks a real option and make 3 day weekends the new norm. We as Americans work too much and I think a LOT of our stress comes from that.

4. Anyone who wants to have children or is already pregnant would have to go for parenting classes. It’s amazing people have to take parenting classes when going through a divorce but what about these classes before you start the journey? One of the things in these classes would be telling parents: Do not put your child on a leash!

5. There isn’t much in this world that upsets me as much as father’s rights or the lack there of. I’d change the system so when 2 people have a custody case the father has the same rights as the mother, which doesn’t happen a lot of the time. The father will not have to constantly prove they are as much of a parent as the mother and just because the mother is the mother will not be the assumption that she is the better, more equipped, parent. Also, if the mother, or any parent, makes false claims against the other parent on purpose they will be put in jail.


  1. Grant

    June 17, 2010 at 9:34 am

    I’m all in favor of getting rid of organized religion. When do we start bombing?

  2. Pauline

    June 21, 2010 at 11:12 am

    Absolutely agree with your list, particularly the parenting classes one. Although I hope that if people did take these classes that they would take them to heart and not like with driving classes, forget what they’ve learned months/years afterwards.

    1. Robin

      June 21, 2010 at 1:52 pm

      @Pauline: Yeah, maybe there should be an intense exam afterwards though I can only imagine what would ensue when some would fail. "sorry, no kids for you."

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