“Favorite cover of your favorite song”

When I first saw this topic I immediately knew of the song, I was sure of it. I was like: yes, this is an easy one! My first instinct was the Foo Fighters cover of the Prince song [song]. I’ve never been a Prince fan, but maybe it’s just because he wasn’t really my generation.

I remember though when I heard this cover, I am a die hard Foo fan, I was in love. I love this song so much I stripped to it once for my husband but of course that was many years ago. I love it when Dave gets really dirty with his songs…mmmm…

But then immediately after I thought of this song I thought of Snow Patrol’s cover of Crazy in Love by Beyonce. I actually downloaded this song one time just thinking “hmmm, that would be cool to check out” and then forgot about it. I was on the treadmill once and the song came on, I nearly fell off the treadmill. I had to resist pumping my fist in the air and yelling “Fuck Yes!” amidst all the other gym dwellers.

So there you have it. I picked one song but included a close second. Hey, you don’t make the rules!

  • http://www.brightestblue.wordpress.com Pauline

    I’m a big Foo fan as well and really like the first song! :)

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Pauline: Of course you are, you are awesome.

  • http://www.avitable.com Avitable

    I don’t like the Foo Fighters.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Avitable: well aware but then we know already you don’t have good taste in music, it’s ok. we can’t all have it.

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