“Earliest thing you can remember”

Unlike my husband I don’t have a vast memory that goes nearly back to birth. I remember little pieces of things here and there and over time I can’t really trust that they are completely factual. My one memory for some reason that has always stuck with me was going to Disney World at age 4.

I remember very well being introduced to Mickey Mouse and crying. I don’t know why any child that age wouldn’t be scared by a 6 foot mouse.

I also remember being inside this cave, there was a whole group and we were walking through it. Then there were sounds of Indians chasing us and we all started running. I remember being petrified.

Lastly I remember being on the Peter Pan ride and the crocodile scaring the bejeesus out of me but I don’t remember if I cried.

So basically all my memories of my childhood are of pure fear, this explains a lot.

2 Thoughts on “Earliest Thing I Can Remember

  1. LOL. Traumatized by Disney and the Mouse? Yup. That explains a lot. ;-)

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