“What you imagine paradise to be like”

Paradise is a lot of things to me, sometimes it’s a location and sometimes it’s a feeling. As far as location it’s usually a quiet place with a lake nearby. I love nature, although I hate bugs which figures, and just being around it or having it around me gives me a feeling of peace.

The feeling of paradise is a peaceful sense of self, knowing who I am and what I am striving for. I don’t feel this way everyday, not even close, but when I have that feeling it’s the kind of paradise that nothing can compare to. Stopping and thinking to yourself Yes, this all feels so right and I believe in who I am at this moment.

The kind of paradise to me is one that is rare and fleeting. When I realize I am amidst paradise at that moment I try to take it all in and really appreciate it. If paradise was 24/7 then it wouldn’t be so beautiful, it would be common.

Paradise is a moment in the morning stepping out on my back deck to witness life at it’s simplest. Paradise is watching my cats sleep and look so serene. Paradise is a big hug from my husband at just the right moment. Paradise is knowing yourself and accepting all that you are.

Paradise is a moment, don’t miss it.

6 Thoughts on “Paradise

  1. So very true…and so often we’re too busy with ‘life’, we don’t enjoy.

  2. “Paradise is a moment”….mmmmmm that resonates with me.

  3. paradise is a moment that makes you feel as if you are in paradise, love it!

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