Ok I’m jumping on the 30 Day Meme for fun and to give me some ideas of what to write about. I realize I am starting one day late, oh well.

Day 1: Guilty Pleasures

I have a lot of pleasures but I suppose the guilty ones are those that I am a little ashamed of, which are always the hardest ones to admit. I have the usual addictions such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr but I’m not sure how guilty I really feel about those. I adore my cats so much but I’m open about being a crazy cat lady.

So what is my guiltiest pleasure?

Reality television *shame*

I generally hate reality tv, which goes for like 97% of it. Several years ago I wasn’t watching any of the shows but one Saturday I got sucked in and have yet to be able to get myself back out. The shows I watch are: Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New York, Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Oh yeah and I sometimes get into So You Think You Can Dance but the Real Housewives are the ones I’m really addicted to and feel shame every time I watch.

Every week I say I am not going to watch Real Housewives, who btw are quite the opposite of “real housewives,” I give in. Actually the only one I’m really stuck on is the New York one, the others I don’t have to watch. I even have a stance on the Bethenny and Jill saga: I’m on Bethenny’s side because Jill is an immature child.

So there you have it, it’s out there in the open and I can’t take it back. Please, be kind.

6 Thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. I’ve never seen any of the Real Housewives but basically everyone I know watches them, You are not alone.

    • @Amanda, this video explain why this season has me so nuts. Kelly is the most insane person I’ve ever witnessed on tv, other than fictional characters.

  2. I love RHNJ

    and I am not ashamed! 🙂

    • @jen: I think NY is my favorite, the others can pass by but I am always so in awe of how self-centered and childish the NY girls are or at least Jill. Then there is batshit crazy Kelly.

  3. I too side with Bethenny.

    • @Liz Hill: it’s funny, Jill always uses the excuse that Bethenny does it all for tv but HELLO! They are all on a reality show, of course it’s for tv.

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