I loved the show Sex and the City, it fulfilled the girly side of me for many years. I still love the show and watch it in reruns whenever I can. I was excited but trepidatious when the movie came out but I missed the characters so I went to see it or rather I was brought to see it for my bachelorette party.

While I enjoyed some of the movie, mostly little pieces here and there that reminded me of the show I watched for 6 seasons, but the rest of it was awful. I found it very long and drawn out, it probably could have been a 1/2 hour shorter.

I also found some scenes that were just horrifying to me and nothing like the show I remembered. Such scenes were the one where they show how Miranda hasn’t trimmed her bikini line and when Charlotte shits her pants. On my beloved SATC show that would have NEVER happened.

As far as the new movie is concerned I’m really annoyed that they decided to bring together the ONLY two gay men, who by the way hated each other on the actual show. I would have loved to see Stanford marry the guy he was with at the end of the show, that would have been very sweet. Instead they went with the Hollywood concept that everything just fits back together like a puzzle piece in the end. This article really says it all.

I must admit though, I’m torn between wanting to leave a show, that I still get excited to watch in reruns, alone and missing the characters enough to still want to see them continue on. It’s part of loving a tv show, even when you know it really needs to end it’s hard to let go. I know I will see this movie eventually but I am going to wait until I can see it on tv. Would I watch if they brought back the cast of Friends, sadly I would, even if it tainted all previous 10 years for me.

So yes, I will watch Sex and the City 2, eventually, but I may be kicking and screaming while I do it.

8 Thoughts on “No Sex For Me

  1. Ugh. It was awful…they should have stopped after the first movie.

  2. I really liked the show. It was who I was then and who I had been and it was girly silly fun. And the amazing shoes sure didn;t hurt.

    I thought the first movie was just meh.

    I loathe the idea of paying to see the second one. It looks like none of the characters has evolved plus it looks like just re-chewed crap.

  3. I would go see a Friends movie in a HEARTBEAT.

  4. I’m with you! This movie looks horrible! As a fan, I’ll rent it when it comes out on dvd, but no way am I paying the amount of money to see it in the theatre!

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