We were watching the show Life on the Discovery Channel (btw if you haven’t seen the show it’s a must see) and there were these huge bees who fight other male bees over one female until death. There are also these birds, the males, who build a house for the chick (see what I did there) to try to woo her. They fill the little house with berries and flowers and sometimes dung because what lady does like some dung? the

Me: I hate to say it but the bees are showing you up.

Manly Man: I’m a Bowerbird. I build you a house and decorate it with shiny things. I shake my butt and dance around. That’s what I bring to the table.


[image from Discovery.com]

8 Thoughts on “Manly Man’s Mating Rituals

  1. It’s true. I’ve see in. I feel like I was Jane Goodall or something.

  2. heh, Erik is made of Win, as per usual…is he feeling better?

  3. My preferred mating ritual is tire iron to the back of the head / bunny goes into the trunk. I think that’s more like the American tree frog.

  4. I saw that too. It was fascinating.

    Hubs brings on the house, tries his hand at decorating and the only thing that sparkles or glistens are my tears of frustration!

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