We were watching the show Life on the Discovery Channel (btw if you haven’t seen the show it’s a must see) and there were these huge bees who fight other male bees over one female until death. There are also these birds, the males, who build a house for the chick (see what I did there) to try to woo her. They fill the little house with berries and flowers and sometimes dung because what lady does like some dung? the

Me: I hate to say it but the bees are showing you up.

Manly Man: I’m a Bowerbird. I build you a house and decorate it with shiny things. I shake my butt and dance around. That’s what I bring to the table.


[image from Discovery.com]

  • http://www.kill-the-body.blogspot.com Gwen

    It’s true. I’ve see in. I feel like I was Jane Goodall or something.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Gwen: It’s quire remarkable.

  • http://www.socksnpaws.com bluepaintred

    heh, Erik is made of Win, as per usual…is he feeling better?

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @bluepaintred: he is feeling a lot better.

  • http://darnedtoheck.blogspot.com/ Grant

    My preferred mating ritual is tire iron to the back of the head / bunny goes into the trunk. I think that’s more like the American tree frog.

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @Grant: Not surprised at all.

  • http://dontwannahearit.com metalmom

    I saw that too. It was fascinating.

    Hubs brings on the house, tries his hand at decorating and the only thing that sparkles or glistens are my tears of frustration!

    • http://lifeisnotamovie.net Robin

      @metalmom: Oh I can imagine.

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