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9 Thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Kevin

  1. Oh, um, ow. Just reading your review makes my stomach knot up a lot and.. yeah… don’t think I could handle this one.

    • @Miss Britt: I’ve yet to find a book that I can’t stomach, not sure what that says about me. I even read all of American Psycho, which I think maybe most shouldn’t be able to stomach.

  2. Maybe it hit home because he is named after your favorite actor. Read it again, but substitute Hyronemous for Kevin and see if it has the same impact. Then try it a third time with Shartwad to see how it fares.

  3. I’d have to read it! Hmmm.

  4. Sounds like a pretty scary book!

  5. Wow. This would be a very tough book to read for someone with two sons and who is constantly aware of whatever she does at home she is shaping two individuals who will be let into the larger society one day so she’d better make sure that she is doing her best otherwise she’ll be doing the larger universe a disservice…. uh oh.

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