• I like listening to my iPod while I’m walking around my department because I feel like it’s the soundtrack to my day. It’s particularly cool listening to My Hero because it’s like he’s singing about me.


  • There is this woman on the radio station I listen to everyday that just irks me to no end. She always seems so horrified by any sexual innuendo and just seems so proper. Ugh, I don’t know why this irritates me so much but it does. Loosen up, the world is not rated PG-13.


  • I guess I’m just sick of people being so disgusted by swearing. It’s just words, it only means as much as you choose to make it. People put too much stock in swear words.


  • Speaking of that our show this Sunday should be very good and very non-PG-13.


  • Someone unfollowing me on Twitter doesn’t hurt my feelings and neither does someone unfriending or blocking me on Facebook. My feelings do get hurt when someone doesn’t respond to a reply on Twitter. I think I just feel like I’m being ignored. I’d rather someone want nothing to do with me than to just ignore me. Go figure.


  • I had something else to share, I swear it was good but I guess not good enough for me to write it down last night.


And then I would like to share this with you, because it’s awesome. Mostly because it’s true but also because anything John Cusack is awesome.

9 Thoughts on “What Is Fun About PG-13?

  1. hahaha. I hate some of those peeps on the radio. I want to squash them.

  2. That’s what I like about my iPod – the world is more fun set to a heavy metal soundtrack. Japanese festivals get a lot more brutal to Sabbath’s “The mob rules”.

  3. First, I’m sorry for always ignoring you on Twitter. I’ll stop doing that.
    Second, I love that video. Love it.

  4. I am decidedly uncool but I listen to Podcasts when I am going about the house doing chores. It makes me feel like I am in another world, not doing the chores. I love John Cusack. He is not handsome handsome. But there is something about him.

    p.s. Did you change your theme again? I love this one too. 🙂

    • @subWOW: I love John Cusack because he’s like the kind of guy you want to marry, luckily I did. What’s ironic is he’s never married so even the John Cusack isn’t like "John Cusack." Yes I did change my theme, I used to use it for my photoblog but when i changed that one i decided to use this here because i love it so much.

  5. I sometimes get 5-10 replies to something I tweet, so I don’t reply to all of them. It’s never a situation that I’m ignoring someone though!

    • @Avitable: Oh I totally know that nobody is ignoring me or anything, logically I know that. It’s just my twitter thing that irks me, everything else I don’t care about. Sometimes I want to say "hey, did you see my reply?" but I don’t want to seem needy, as I clearly am.

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