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9 Thoughts on “What Is Fun About PG-13?

  1. hahaha. I hate some of those peeps on the radio. I want to squash them.

  2. That’s what I like about my iPod – the world is more fun set to a heavy metal soundtrack. Japanese festivals get a lot more brutal to Sabbath’s “The mob rules”.

  3. First, I’m sorry for always ignoring you on Twitter. I’ll stop doing that.
    Second, I love that video. Love it.

  4. I am decidedly uncool but I listen to Podcasts when I am going about the house doing chores. It makes me feel like I am in another world, not doing the chores. I love John Cusack. He is not handsome handsome. But there is something about him.

    p.s. Did you change your theme again? I love this one too. 🙂

    • @subWOW: I love John Cusack because he’s like the kind of guy you want to marry, luckily I did. What’s ironic is he’s never married so even the John Cusack isn’t like "John Cusack." Yes I did change my theme, I used to use it for my photoblog but when i changed that one i decided to use this here because i love it so much.

  5. I sometimes get 5-10 replies to something I tweet, so I don’t reply to all of them. It’s never a situation that I’m ignoring someone though!

    • @Avitable: Oh I totally know that nobody is ignoring me or anything, logically I know that. It’s just my twitter thing that irks me, everything else I don’t care about. Sometimes I want to say "hey, did you see my reply?" but I don’t want to seem needy, as I clearly am.

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