Saw a good friend on Saturday, a friend from my college years. We’ve both grown up a lot and our lives have changed in so many ways. We’re both shocked that we’re in the adult world and not sure if we belong here. She has a beautiful little boy and she’s one of the best people I know, truly.

It occurred to me. We should all have at least 3 friends (other than our significant other) who it’s just easy to be with, it doesn’t require a lot of work and you can just talk for hours about absolutely anything. We should all have at least 3 friends like that in our lives.

Friends don’t go out of their way to hurt your feelings and you should be able to go for months (maybe even years) without seeing them and just fall right back into place like no time has passed. Friends should get what you are saying without having to always try to explain.

Intimate relationships with guys has never been hard for me, it either works or it doesn’t for the most part. My girlfriends has always been more complicated and taken a lot more work. Every once and a while though I have a moment where it’s just easy and I realize, this is what friendship really is.

Those handful of friends, I would travel the world 10 times over for.

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8 Thoughts on “At Least Three

  1. I’ve got me some friends. I wish I had more that I was completely comfortable saying whatever in front of. It’s hard for me to find people I trust…I’m a little weird when I say what’s really on my mind. LOL

  2. I have none of those. I’ll take three. Bonus points if you can provide them in Asian.

  3. I agree with your post! Its difficult to maintain and make new friendships as you get older, but worth the effort! 🙂

  4. I agree. But I would be very happy with just one, that lives close by. Is that too much to ask for in life? I think if you live in a country as big as the US, it actually is. *sigh*

    Anybody with a good friend, a true friend like that, that lives nearby, is truly blessed.

    • @subWOW: and funny thing, i desperately want to move away. i make no sense whatsoever. well if you ever want to move to MA i’ll gladly be one if you like. i think i make a pretty good friend when it’s the right chemistry.

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