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10 Thoughts on “Friday Free For All

  1. I dreamed about you last night. Is that weird?

  2. Maybe you can be Juan Valdez’s assistant.

  3. “I don’t mean a chain, I mean a real coffee shop, because if you can’t have a really fucking awesome coffee in the morning what is the fucking point?”

    My thoughts exactly! Might as well just turn around and go back to bed!

    • @Pauline: Exactly! There is this amazing coffee shop called Rao’s that was across the street from where my husband used to work. I wish I had that place across the street from me.

  4. Your grandfather’s play??? Did he write it? Act in it? Produce it? What’s it called?

  5. I am curious about the play! “Take My Wife” can be interpreted in so many ways. So is it a tragedy? Comedy? Dramedy? Anyway, very impressive!

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