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In the past 32 years…

I’ve learned that love comes when it’s ready, you can’t force it.

I’ve learned that pretty clothes don’t mean much unless you feel good from within.

I’ve learned that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, some are just there for a moment.

I’ve learned that passion is a two way street so be passionate everyday.

I’ve learned that we never really grow up, we just pretend to be grownups when it’s needed.

I’ve learned that even when things seem the most bleak there is some hope around the corner.

I’ve learned that laughter can cure just about everything.

I’ve learned that sometimes there is nothing better than a good show, spending time with friends or a good cup of coffee.

I’ve learned that I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be…perfect is boring.

18 Thoughts on “32 Years Of Learning

  1. Hey – is it your birthday??? 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with the ‘pretending to be grownup’ thing. I’m struck with that goofy realization at least once a month.

    • @Maureen, I wonder if some people never fully feel like an adult, I know my husband is in his 40s and still doesn’t feel like an adult but that may just be him.

  2. Happy cake day =)

  3. All lessons I wished I had learned earlier in life! Happy Birthday!

  4. That picture is so cute! Sounds like some great lessons learned!:)

  5. these are good things to learn 🙂
    and, happy birthday (?)

  6. happy birthday!

  7. You know what I’ve learned?
    That sometimes you can find people you love in the strangest places and the people you love most are never close enough.
    That 4 days can seem like forever and yet it’s gone in a flash all at once.
    That mini-pies are a gift from the gods and should never be taken lightly.
    That laughing with friends is infinitely better than laughing alone.
    And that the picture of you holding the tiny camera will never get old because I was there when you bought it.
    Happy birthday, sweets.

    • @Gwen, awwwww I seriously don’t know what I’d do without some of my online friends, I don’t care about all the other wankers on twitter or Facebook…just the handful of awesome people who listen to me prat on about bollocks like a twat. You know? Oh and whenever I see that camera, which I noticed it today, I think of you.

  8. That’s what life is all about–learning. You’re wise to have opened your eyes to see the truth. 🙂

  9. Can’t believe I missed this! Happy belated birthday!

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