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8 Thoughts on “Skinned Alive

  1. bluepaintred on February 18, 2010 at 9:14 am said:

    whatever. its a tv show. who cares if you get “addicted” to it or whatever. seriously you will spend a month or two obsessing over it and find soemthing new. that’s what people DO

  2. Here’s the thing. I like this show a lot. Love, even. But it’s hard for me when I know there are only 20 episodes of a show. That’s the problem I have with UK shows, they’re too short for me to really throw myself into the way I did with, say, Gilmore Girls. That were, what, 150 episodes? I do like it a lot, I just haven’t invested myself into it

  3. Of course, you could actually try glue and heroin in the meantime.

  4. Oh, we know how many videos you’re watching on Youtube. Everytime you favorite one it shows up in our feeds. If I’m assume that you’re not fav’ing every single videos you’re watching, but only a portion of them, then you’re still watching a metric fuckton of Youtube fanfic.

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