It’s time to take a stand.

ps. I got an awesome package in the mail from my Wishlist but I do not recognize the name on it, if it is you please step forward.

5 Thoughts on “Douchebag Solidarity

  1. Holy freakin hysterical! That’s awesome.

  2. Hahahah! Too good! The d-bags from that moronic “Keys to the VIP” show should have been in that video!

  3. That’s a lot of douche-baggedness in one post! I’m laughing my head off!

  4. That’s some great acting there. By the end I actually feel sorry for them. Awww. I just want to hug them.


  5. So hilarious! I’ve heard John Mayer referred to as a douche so many times that I now think of him every time I see that word.

    I was looking at your 100 things page and we really do have a ton in common. ☺

    Let’s see….born in ’78, went through anxiety issues, grew up Jewish, look like a combo of Jewish and Irish, reduction as a teenager, super ticklish (Ryan says I could never win a physical fight if my opponent knew that about me because all he has to do is touch me under the arms and I go completely limp and powerless). I love paper and pens – right now I only use my Pilot Precise V5’s, learned to type with Mavis Beacon when I was in 6th grade and can still type like crazy, I have teeny tiny fingers, my fur-baby IS my baby, and I’m really big on spanning/organizing/list-making.

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