• People complaining about social sites and how they are changing or whatever. These things are free, get over it. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it.
  • Passive aggressive shit on Twitter. I’m trying really really hard not to do it myself but it’s usually other passive aggressive twats that make me want to spew the same. It’s a vicious cycle.
  • Can This Sasquash Get More Fans Than Jesus? These fan pages are a new thing and really fucking annoying. To join this stupid shit only makes you look like a douche.

Can this Squirrel get more fans than Barack Obama?
Can this Sexy Potato get more fans than Miley Cyrus?
Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback?
Can this purple monster i made on paint get more fans than the president?

  • People watching The Jersey Shore is a sign of the apocalypse. If you don’t have anything else to watch just email me and I’ll give you plenty of shows to watch. Plus, I’m fairly certain anyone who watches this show gets crabs. On a good note this show annoys me ever so slightly more than Twilight at the moment.
  • People not being straightforward, I think it’s too easy these days for everyone to just hate from a distance and ignore shit when things would be better if everyone just spoke the fuck up.
  • I’m cranky, can you tell? I still love you though *mwah*

    19 Thoughts on “Things Annoying Me Lately

    1. i agree with just about all those points. jersey shore is a train wreck, and i admit i’ve watched an episode, only in hopes that i could see snooki get punched! lol

      its free, deal with the changes!

      currently we’re enjoying lost here, waiting for a couple of shows to start up again.

      check out the inbetweeners on bbc america, its great!

    2. I don’t watch shitty TV….it sucks out your soul…..except House:)

    3. I don’t watch shitty TV….it sucks out your soul….excpet House, that it:)

    4. I like you when you’re feisty!!!!!

    5. Agree, agree, agree!
      I try to live in a little anti-drama cocoon. This is necessary when you work with all women who can get a bit stereotypically snippy and clique-y.
      I never have a clue about the in-fighting and back-stabbing that is apparently rampant…in an elementary school! Sheesh.
      Also agree on House and BBC…does Ab Fab count?!

      • @Rachel, I really try to avoid drama, which if I really wanted to avoid it I’d keep my mouth shut…so…there is that. Also, I tend to pick friends who love drama, I don’t know why…

    6. bluepaintred on February 11, 2010 at 11:41 am said:

      F: Snow.

    7. Don’t ever be un-cranky. That’s what I love about you! 😉 p.s. Sorry Manly Man. But I am sure you love her crankiness too!

      I agree with all the points above, but I have to confess, once again, I am a very passive aggressive person. I think. I am not sure. I just think I am. And the Facebook thing… The one about pickles getting more fans than Twilight though made me LOL. I know you are a twilight fan. (Are you? Gee. Ok. You either hate it or love it… Anyhoo…) You did say you hate people not being straightforward, eh? 😉

    8. Glad to know. ’cause I can’t stand it. My husb read the books and watched the movie. I am still deciding how much money to ask for my not telling his friends!

    9. “Can This Sasquash Get More Fans Than Jesus? These fan pages are a new thing and really fucking annoying. To join this stupid shit only makes you look like a douche.”

      I joined one of these on Facebook called: “Can this onion ring get more fans then Stephen Harper?”. Mainly because I hate our Prime Minister and it was fun watching greasy, fast food outpace him in popularity.

    10. How is the Obama vs. Squirrel smackdwn going? I spend all my surfing time on Japanese sites so I miss that sort of thing.

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