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19 Thoughts on “Things Annoying Me Lately

  1. i agree with just about all those points. jersey shore is a train wreck, and i admit i’ve watched an episode, only in hopes that i could see snooki get punched! lol

    its free, deal with the changes!

    currently we’re enjoying lost here, waiting for a couple of shows to start up again.

    check out the inbetweeners on bbc america, its great!

  2. I don’t watch shitty TV….it sucks out your soul…..except House:)

  3. I don’t watch shitty TV….it sucks out your soul….excpet House, that it:)

  4. I like you when you’re feisty!!!!!

  5. Agree, agree, agree!
    I try to live in a little anti-drama cocoon. This is necessary when you work with all women who can get a bit stereotypically snippy and clique-y.
    I never have a clue about the in-fighting and back-stabbing that is apparently rampant…in an elementary school! Sheesh.
    Also agree on House and BBC…does Ab Fab count?!

    • @Rachel, I really try to avoid drama, which if I really wanted to avoid it I’d keep my mouth shut…so…there is that. Also, I tend to pick friends who love drama, I don’t know why…

  6. bluepaintred on February 11, 2010 at 11:41 am said:

    F: Snow.

  7. Don’t ever be un-cranky. That’s what I love about you! 😉 p.s. Sorry Manly Man. But I am sure you love her crankiness too!

    I agree with all the points above, but I have to confess, once again, I am a very passive aggressive person. I think. I am not sure. I just think I am. And the Facebook thing… The one about pickles getting more fans than Twilight though made me LOL. I know you are a twilight fan. (Are you? Gee. Ok. You either hate it or love it… Anyhoo…) You did say you hate people not being straightforward, eh? 😉

  8. Glad to know. ’cause I can’t stand it. My husb read the books and watched the movie. I am still deciding how much money to ask for my not telling his friends!

  9. “Can This Sasquash Get More Fans Than Jesus? These fan pages are a new thing and really fucking annoying. To join this stupid shit only makes you look like a douche.”

    I joined one of these on Facebook called: “Can this onion ring get more fans then Stephen Harper?”. Mainly because I hate our Prime Minister and it was fun watching greasy, fast food outpace him in popularity.

  10. How is the Obama vs. Squirrel smackdwn going? I spend all my surfing time on Japanese sites so I miss that sort of thing.

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