When I first started to watch this show like a month ago or something it was so original and funny and oh so clever. I was really surprised because it was not a show I had any interest in watching. Nancy was this sweet (but a little dark under the surface) widow in suburbia trying to survive by selling weed.

Then you bring in other characters to the mix like a horny brother-in-law, then a black drug dealer with a crush on Nancy, then an anti-drugs friend with a pole up her ass, then a DEA agent in love with Nancy, then the Mexican mafia and of course the drug boss who also happens to be running for mayor. It all sounds a little far fetch, and I only touched on pieces of it, and sometimes it is way too far fetched.

Still, somehow the show still pulls you along and you forgive the fact that it’s not even set in suburbia and that some of your favorite characters are long gone. You forgive the fact that now the sweet little once housewife is now married to the boss of the Mexican drug, arms and human trafficking organization and just had his baby.

Let’s not forget Andy who had a couple toes chewed off by a dog or a 14 year old boy having his first sexual experience as a threesome or Cecelia being kidnapped by her daughter whom we haven’t seen since season one who is now totally fucking crazy. This show goes from interesting one minute to what the fuck was that the next minute to wonderful moment another minute.

Why do we still go along for the ride? Because we still love the characters…well except for Doug who is just a big moron pot head and Cecelia, sometimes I want to love her but most of the time I want to stab her repeatedly. I used to love how much Conrad loved Nancy and was cheering them along but now he’s long gone and while I miss him I’m starting to get on board with Nancy and Andy, even if he was kind of more like a weird brother for the first 4 seasons.

Ok, so now Shane might be on the verge of becoming a sociopath at the age of 14 but I think we can all kind of buy that, he has always been twisted. Besides, sociopath works for Dexter, why not Shane?

Oh and go watch this video, I dare you not to laugh.

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