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14 Thoughts on “The Happy Pants Foundation

  1. Trader Joes I understand, but do people really feel like they’re missing out because they can’t shop at Payless?

    • @Amanda, it’s a joke because there were Star Trek sneakers that Gwen wanted but they wouldn’t send them to Canada or wouldn’t take her credit card so I got them for her. I’ve done the same with Amazon for her too.

  2. Most companies that I’ve purchased from ship to Canada (I mean, hello? We’re right next door!)

    Only crazy companies don’t ship to the Great White North! But if I find something that I absolutely MUST have, I shall join the Happy Pants Foundation. Question-Do members get a free shirt with that picture on it? 😉

  3. We have Payless in Canada, Robin!!!

    Oh and can I pick who my sponsor is??

  4. I’m forwarding this to my Canadian friends and family. LOL

  5. LOL that’s fucking awesome.

  6. Can’t it be both?

  7. bluepaintred on January 15, 2010 at 9:56 am said:

    oh good then. I’ve written you two on my list called “People in the US I can bug to ship me things becuase Companies think Chanda is an imaginary Country.”

  8. This is friggin’ awesome! I remember when I was going through my stroller obsession phase, we helped each other ship STROLLERS across the borders! Yup. (ok you won’t get the stroller part but the concept is the same…)

    Now can anyone ship me a box of Coffee CRISPs??!!

    p.s. We need more liberals here. Please send more from Canada. SOS. Many thanks.

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