hismuse if i suddenly develop a case of xmas spirit does that mean i get tomorrow off? #xmas

bubblewench @hismuse If you suddenly develop Xmas spirit, I’m calling in the Exorcist team.

lol nutz

Have a great whatever you celebrate and keep warm!

  • http://WebsiteURL gemini

    LOL she knows you well!

  • http://www.bubblewench.com/ bubblewench

    happy holidays!

  • http://www.secretinnerlife.com submom

    LOL. You do need to get THE area dry and well ventilated. Great health tip! Thanks! ;-)

  • http://www.mywildlifeswords.com Jennifer Lynn

    The picture cracked me up. A hair dryer works, too.

  • http://www.brightestblue.wordpress.com Hannah

    Seasons Greetings! Man you, kitties and Manly Man have a safe and happy holiday! (When you finally get off work that is!;))

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