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11 Thoughts on “Dis-Like

  1. That’s the good thing about the Internet – you get to discover how many twats are out there but are afraid of being themselves in person.

  2. I agree. Facebook could just turn into an even crazier place with big flame wars if they feature that button. If you don’t like what your “friends” say, maybe you should hide their status updates.

  3. I just love the fact that you have coined the term Walmartians!

  4. MaureenN on December 22, 2009 at 11:42 am said:

    I’ve often wished for a dislike button at times when other PTO/scout/school moms have posted crazy political things that I don’t agree with (or that are factually incorrect). But, I also know that I wouldn’t actually use it in those situations. I usually stew for a while and either decide to ignore it -or- reply with facts or counter-arguments (and then feel uncomfortable every time I see them IRL after that).

  5. You made a great point here. Although I am surprised (pleasantly) that inside this facade of a tough cynic is a softie. 😉 (Now, don’t kill me…) And, yes, Queens of Passive Aggressiveness, we rock!

  6. People still look st that PoWM??? I added the Dislike button when it first came out and just as quickly uninstalled it because it was stupid: people could only see it if they had added it, too. Not worth it.

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