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Most people who meet Aurora (or Lucy-fur as some know her) they don’t like her. Most people think she’s just a mean/evil cat with no redeeming qualities. My brother, who cat sat them while we were in Ireland, refers to her as “the mean one.”

I understand why people think of her this way. She doesn’t appear to like anyone, especially not me. She seems to have a fondness for Manly Man but then all girls like him. When anyone visits they always try to pet her, because she looks so sweet and cuddly, and she always attacks them, unless you have treats. If you have treats she waits until you give them to her and then she hisses at you and runs away.

I was thinking the other day though how much I am just like her. I am very open to love but I have a very hard time trusting others. Aurora doesn’t trust anyone, ever. Just walking towards her she goes on the defensive. I think she wants to trust others she just intrinsically can’t, most likely the feral inside of her.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want love and attention, she just needs to be in the right mood to accept it. Out of the blue sometimes she’ll jump into bed with me in the morning and beg me to pet her. Once and a while, when I least expect it, she’ll crawl into my lap on the sofa and get cuddly. She likes what she likes when she likes it and when she doesn’t, she’ll let you know.

I’d say most of the time I too want to be left alone and most of the time I’m leery of others, not because I’m feral, I don’t think, but because of my past. The easiest way for me to trust others if they can be as open with me as I am with them, it’s rare, because I’m an open book.

So sometimes I hiss, sometimes I scratch and sometimes I even bite, but like Aurora, I’m not mean to the core, it’s just my natural response sometimes.

10 Thoughts on “Don’t De-claw Me

  1. Maureen on December 17, 2009 at 9:36 am said:

    Aww – what a sweet metaphor. Sounds like Aurora’s found the perfect home with you – someone who understands her.

  2. She sounds like a cutie, even with the biting and scratching. It takes a special person to understand the nature of cats.:)

  3. Lucy-fur would be a great name except that your pet is made entirely out of cat.

  4. How did she come to live with you? Was she feral?

  5. And let me guess — said “outdoor feral cat” is Aurora?

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