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14 Thoughts on “The Creepiness of Santa

  1. As long as the Catholics keep putting up images of their lord nailed to two pieces of wood (by your people, I should point out), Santa Claus will never bother me. It’s like finding Dark Knight disturbing after watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  2. Maybe because I’m part Scandinavian, but I’ve never found Santa Claus disturbing. The clowns that people hire for their kid’s birthday party are MUCH scarier!

  3. Two things. First, I was never in to the whole Santa thing and I decided a long time ago that if hell ever froze over and I ended up with a kid I would in no way perpetuate the whole Santa-bullshit (which my family told me was “horrible and cruel”. confused? Me too.). Second, that being said, check out Simon Pegg’s new Avatar on Twitter. THAT Santa can come deliver my presents anytime. 😉

  4. I was gonna say what Hannah said… How do you feel about clowns?

  5. We did our usual photo w/Santa on Saturday. We go see him at the zoo every year. While waiting in line to get our printed photo ornament, we got to overhear the next few kids in line talking to him. A most adorable 4yo boy, when asked “What do you want for Christmas?” started out with a gift idea or two, but then got serious – “Really, I don’t care what presents I get. What’s really important is, you know how when it’s 5 minutes to 7? Right? Well, I want it to be 6” Or some kind of rambling goofiness like that. Santa did great, nodding & agreeing with him.

    I wonder what that was all about…

  6. I *ahem* brought my cat Hopper to have her picture taken with Santa when I was a first-time cat parent. Never did that again.

  7. Since I don’t have your e-mail addy, you don’t get this for xmas. Now aren’t you sorry you haven’t converted to xtianity?

  8. THAT Santa is very creepy indeed. And oh yes, I do wonder about the whole Pedophile thing. How easy would it be??!! Yew.

  9. Robin, don’t forget: Jesus was YOUR people. And don’t let Grant forget.

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