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3 Thoughts on “Dominant Poop

  1. Be sure to get pictures of the mammogram.

  2. i don’t cover my poop either. cause i’m TEH MAN!

  3. Hopper used to cover her poop, until Angelo joined the household. It was clear that they are both alpha cats, having stare downs, one on each end of the hallway — like a Western! They still do this — the other 2 cats bury the poop for them. *sigh* I think Aurora and Pilot are both Alpha. Another way to tell who’s the dominant one is whoever sits on the highest surface possible. Hopper and Angelo have a contest over this, too.

    I had my first mammogram over the summer because I turned 40. It wasn’t bad. It was very hard not to laugh because it just seemed so silly. Of course, mine was routine. On the other hand, I sure as hell wasn’t laughing when I had my first colonoscopy at age 38 when you aren’t even supposed to get one ’til you’re 50!

    You rock, girl!!!! (((hugs)))

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