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5 Thoughts on “When Cracked Fucks Up

  1. Well, Cracked is called Cracked. I posted a link from them yesterday and it wasn’t entirely accurate, but…well, they’re Cracked.

  2. Suicide Club is one of those movies like Rashomon that has an explanation, but not a solution. It’s best avoided if you need films to wrap up neatly by the end. I like it best because it starts with 50+ cute Japanese schoolgirls leaping in front of a train, and it has a musical number. You may find Ichi the Killer similarly baffling, but Battle Royale makes more sense. I mention those three because they’re considered to be the cornerstone of modern Japanese horror. Or try the entrails movies (Entrails of a Virgin and Entrails of a Beautiful Woman) if you want more boobage.

    • @Grant, I’m the last person who needs their movies to be tied up in a bow, in fact I kind of enjoy movies that make me think. This movie though just didn’t make any sense to me, the more that happened the less I seemed to know what was even going on. Just not my favorite Asian horror movie. I didn’t hate it, just found other films a little better.

  3. I know you are hating that post with all that you’ve got now, and it would have killed Christmas for you if you were one of those dole-eyed Christmas fans, BUT I am loving the post. Why? Not because I want you to hate me by association. This way I don’t need to watch the 10 movies mentioned without going to my deathbed without know whodunit. You have given me the gift of time and peace. Thank you.

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